Newsletter & COVID-19 Updates

Hello Trinity Family,
On March 9th, Governor Mike DeWine declared a State of Emergency for Ohio and on March 12th, ordered large gatherings to be prohibited. These orders began a significant change to our lives as individuals as well as a church. We decided immediately to honor the wishes of our governing leaders and have been working on how to continue our ministries in a different way. Our biggest move is of our worship experience being online. Thank you for your patience and commitment as we grow into understanding how to share this experience in a positive and fulfilling way. I am grateful for Matthew, Jane, and others who have helped with these efforts so far. Please continue to look for our worship services on our website, facebook, youtube, and WCTV.  
I want to remind all of you to continue to be safe and smart. 

  • Continue to follow the guidelines of the state leaders. Ohio has been on the forefront of making tough calls and establishing guidelines that will help to limit the number of infections and lessen the spread of COVID-19. 
  • The church office is predominantly closed during the week. I know it is tough for many of you to stay away. Coming to the church midweek has been a significant part of your weekly routine. As we continue through this time of isolation and quarantine, I am asking you to stop the unnecessary visits. This is for the safety of Meals on Wheels, our staff when they are in, and you.  
  • The State of Ohio Director of Health, Dr. Amy Acton, reminded everyone that we may experience emotional struggles during this time, especially grief. We have lost our sense of normalcy and that can have a tremendous effect on our mental health. This is very serious. Be mindful of this in yourself and others. Be patient with each other. Be kind to one another. Reach out for help if you are in need. Send me a message if you are struggling with your mental and emotional health, or just want to talk. We can arrange a time to talk (even do a video call so we can see each other’s faces – a big help for some people) or I can direct you to mental health professionals that can help.  
  • Thank you for your continued financial support through this time as well. I know this is not easy for many of you. Some of you have lost your jobs or are not able to run your business profitably during this time (remember to keep these folks in your prayers). We understand and realize we will be facing a drop in our financial vitality. We are looking into ways to help us through this time as the government and other agencies are making financial assistance available. In the meantime, if you are able to continue with your commitment, please mail any checks instead of dropping them off or consider using the Paypal link on our webpage,

It is difficult to say how much longer we will be apart. As I type this letter, the governor is talking and considering extending the “stay at home order.” The peak of the virus is projected in May at this point. Even after that order gets lifted, it may be recommended to avoid large gatherings for a period of time. I pray that one thing we discover in the midst of this pandemic is that the church is more than the walls, windows, and roof with which we surround ourselves. The church, the wider church and Trinity Church, is you. We are the church. Wherever we go, wherever we love, we are the church. Keep on keeping on being the church.
In Christ’s Love,
Rev. Adam

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