Newsletter & COVID-19 Updates

Dear Trinity Family,
I shared the thought when this all began back in March that I have never pastored a church during a pandemic. It is also true that I have never attempted to open a church for worship in the midst of a pandemic either. As I have continually stated, our number one priority as we put together our plan has been to come up with an approach that will keep
our members safe. The safest approach would be to remain home until a vaccine is widely available. For our most vulnerable members (please visit for an up to date list), staying at home will be the recommendation for the foreseeable future. We realize that worship is a significant part of our faith journey. We will continue to offer
the online worship experience through a live stream to our YouTube channel, premiering each Sunday morning at 10:30am. Wadsworth Television will also continue to broadcast our worship services on Sunday morning (broadcast is of the previous week’s worship).
The Trinity Council and I have been continuously monitoring the news regarding COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the state’s recommendations regarding health and safety during this time and if at any time our alert level changes in Medina and Summit Counties, we will be reassessing our ability to worship together safely. We have put together a number of guidelines that are essential for us to be able to worship together
in our Sanctuary. The guidelines for in person worship are on the separate sheet.
Our time together on Sunday mornings will not be the same as it was for the foreseeable future. All these guidelines are in place to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Everything listed above is subject to changes and adaptations as we progress through each phase, especially if there is a significant spike in daily new cases. Thank you for your continued patience, grace, and faithfulness.
In God’s Love,
Rev. Adam S. Marquette

To check the status of Medina County click here.

For Sunday Worship
• If you don’t feel good – STAY HOME.
• Please enter the building through the parking lot doors. The front doors will remain locked from the outside.
• Masks will be mandatory for attending worship. Please have your mask on
(covering nose and mouth) before entering the church. If you do not have a mask,
a limited supply will be available at the entryway to be picked up.
• Temperatures will be checked at the parking lot door with an infrared
thermometer. Those with temperatures over 100.4 will be asked to return home for their own safety and for the safety of others.
• Please use hand sanitizer on your way into the building. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at the entrance as well as bottles of sanitizer throughout the church. We invite you to bring your own as well.
• Please keep in mind there can be no hugging, handshaking, or congregating in the church. We ask that you proceed to the sanctuary to find your seat upon your arrival. Ushers will guide you to an available pew.
• We ask that you enter the pews from the center aisle as you are able. When entering the pew, please enter and continue to the end of the pew so others do not have to go around you.
• We ask that only households/families sit together. Every other pew in the
sanctuary will be closed off and the balcony will not be available. Available pews will have designated areas taped off to keep the appropriate 6 feet of social distance from anyone outside of one’s own household.
• A number of elements within our worship experience will be changed for the time being.
o Bulletins will be available to pick up on your way into the sanctuary. We
ask that you take your bulletin with you when you leave and dispose of it
properly at your homes.
o There will be no congregational singing of hymns or responses. The choir
will not be sharing “live” as well. Through singing, the coronavirus has the
potential to spread in respiratory aerosols, which may linger in the air,
floating farther than the six feet commonly prescribed for social distancing.
o We will not be “Passing the Peace of Christ.”
o Offering Plates will not be passed. An offering box will be positioned at
the entrance to the sanctuary. Please drop your offering in the box when
entering or exiting the sanctuary. We invite you to continue mailing in your
offering or give online. See our website at
o Nursery care will not be provided, and the nursery will be closed.
o Our family gathering room (the library) will be closed.
• At the end of the service you will be invited to exit the sanctuary one row at a time (similar to weddings). We ask that you proceed to the church exit and not to linger in the narthex or hallways. There will not be a coffee hour for the foreseeable future.
• Restrooms will be available. We ask that only persons from the same household be in the restrooms at one time. Wipes will be made available in the restrooms if you feel the need to sanitize any surfaces.
• Not all areas of the church will be made available. Please do not enter the areas that are closed off. This will allow us to focus our sanitizing after worship and throughout the week on the main areas of our building.
• Anyone unwilling to comply to help keep everyone safe will be asked to worship with us from home.
Other Activities on Sundays and throughout the week:
• Outside of worship, no large gatherings will be held in our church facility. The state of Ohio is limiting indoor gatherings to 10 people and allowing large gatherings will affect our ability to sanitize appropriately.
• Children and Youth Sunday School will not be meeting at the church at this time.
• The Fellowship Hall will be available for Church boards and committees with the recommendation that physical distancing of 6 feet be practiced and masks be worn. Each group must sanitize tables, chairs, restrooms (toilet seats, handles, faucets), and door handles following their meeting.
• Small Group gatherings of no more than 10 people can be held in Fellowship Hall/or any specific location with attention to recommended physical distancing (6 feet apart) and wearing face masks. Each group must sanitize tables, chairs, restrooms (toilet seats, handles, faucets), and door handles following their meeting.
• The church office will be opening and getting back to daily business as we
approach October. However, please see the following bullet points…
• We ask that you limit your visits to the church during the week and masks must be worn during visits. Staff are being asked to wear masks in shared spaces.
• Please refrain from entering the staff offices without permission and allow them their space. We ask that you use designated workspaces and supplies instead of using staff member desks. Supplies can be made available upon request.

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