Search & Call

Search and Call Update:  Trinity’s Local Church Profile was completed and validated by the EOA/WRA Association on August 10, 2017.    We now enter the next phase in our search for our next settled pastor.  Interested ministers will request their ministerial profiles to be sent to our Search and Call Team.  This will happen over the next few weeks/months. We will read all profiles and act on those persons we wish to talk to further.   Please remember that the remaining phases in the process are confidential in terms of individuals applying, etc. ~ Your Search and Call Team

Search and Call Team Members :

Debbie Lorincz, Chairperson

  Aric Stano, Secretary 

Karen Lapidakis, Chaplain

Jim McIlvaine 

Buck Adams

Lisa Hale

Cassie Holzworth

Dwight Powers, ex-officio