About Trinity’s Organ

Trinity is home to the 1979 Schantz organ built by the Schantz Organ Company of Orville, Ohio. With three manuals, 24 stops, and over 1600 pipes, the instrument is well suited to lead the congregation in worship, accompany choral anthems, and to play the vast styles of repertoire in organ recitals. 

The congregation voted to purchase a new organ in January of 1976 to replace the previous instrument built by Schantz in 1927. The installation included all new pipe work which expanded beyond the organ chamber (behind the altar) with the great division exposed in the back of the choir loft. Compared to the 1927 instrument, the 1979 organ contained nearly twice the number of stops, many with unique tone colors. From the soft 8′ flutes to the ‘floor rattling’ 16′ Contra Trompette, Trinity’s organ is fit for countless types of repertoire to inspire in worship and recital. 

Schantz Organ Co., Orville, Ohio
Opus 1568 (1979)
3 manuals, 24 stops, 28 ranks, 1640 pipes


8′ Principal
8′ Spitzflote
4′ Octave
4′ Koppelflote
2′ Super Octave
IV Mixture


16′ Rohrbourdon
8′ Viola
8′ Viola Celeste [TC]
8′ Rohrflote (ext.)
4′ Hohlflote
2-2/3′ Nazard
2′ Principal
1-3/5′ Tierce [TC]
8′ Trompette
8′ Oboe


8′ Holzgedackt
8′ Erzahler
8′ Erzahler Celeste [TC]
4′ Spitzprincipal
2′ Blockflote
1-1/3′ Larigot
8′ Krummhorn


16′ Principal
16′ Subbass
16′ Rohrbourdon (Swell)
8′ Octave (ext.)
8′ Flute (ext.)
8′ Rohrflote (Swell)
4′ Choralbass (ext.)
4′ Flute (ext.)
II Mixture 2-2/3′
16′ Contre Trompette
(ext. of Swell 8′ rompette)
8′ Trompette (Swell)
4′ Clarion (Swell)